Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) Salary Structure

by | Sep 15, 2016

1000’s of health care professionals from 100+ countries have already completed Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) Certification course and clinical research course from our academy.

Our team has collected the data of our course participants to resolve their queries related to CRC salary.

Our data suggests that over 60% of our course participants start their career as Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC)/ Clinical Trial Coordinator while remaining course participants are still working as institutional faculty, investigators, research personnel and other profiles of clinical research operations.

Few of their major queries and concerns related to CRC salary that we have received from our course participants are:

  1. I am new in the clinical research industry. What’s the salary range I should expect as a Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC)?
  2. How much does a Clinical Research Coordinators (CRC) make?
  3. What will be my career growth in terms of salary structure?
  4. Would a clinical research certification or clinical research coordinator certification help me to start a career in this industry?
  5. Do companies offer more salary to a certified clinical research than professional than a non-certified healthcare professional?

This blog post would help you to provide the possible answers to all these queries.

Clinical research coordinators (CRC) or Clinical Trial Coordinators are majorly responsible for managing and coordinating overall trial related activities at investigator site.

Due to technological advancements and evolution of the clinical research industry, the job profile of clinical research coordinators has also evolved in the past few years. This also has a significant impact on working methodology and salary structure of a clinical research coordinator job profile.

Our team has tried to compile the present trend of CRC salary based on region and experience.

Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) Average Salary by Regions

Our academic data suggest that the highest numbers of our course participants are from USA, followed by Canada, Asia, Australia and UK. The data and map below highlights the average starting salary per year of a Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) in different countries and regions.

Sl. No. Region Average Salary per Year
1. United States 45000 USD
2. Canada 50000 CAD
3. Australia 55000 AUD
4. United Kingdom 30000 Pound
5. Singapore 25000 SGD
6. China 30000$

This variance in the salary structure of a CRC is majorly due to location, experience, present position, the area of specialization/experience, knowledge, and the organization they working with.

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Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) Average Salary Structure by Position and Experience

One of the major factors in the variance of CRC earnings is their present experience and position.

A Senior Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) with an experience of 8+ years earn almost twice (70K USD) in comparison to a starter (35K USD).

Below pie chart represents the median salary of a Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) based on their experience and seniority level.

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Certified Clinical Research Coordinator v/s Non-Certified Clinical Research Coordinator Salary

After collecting and analyzing the data of our past course participants, it was quite evident that a certified clinical research candidate (fresher/ experience) tends to earn 20% to 30% higher salary than non-certified candidates.

Our industrial faculty shared few of the main reasons of “why the career growth of a certified clinical research candidate is better than non-certified candidate?” and these are mainly due to:

  1. Better knowledge in clinical research terminologies, GCP and regulatory guidelines, clinical trial processes, better know how of roles and responsibilities etc.
  2. Upgrade in their skill and CV leads to provide them an extra advantage and increases their chances of getting shortlisted for interviews by many times.
  3. They are better prepared for interview questions.
  4. Better execution and management on sites.
  5. More confident


Overall the major factors which plays an important role to decide the salary of a clinical research coordinator depends on:

  • Organization
  • Knowledge
  • Past Experience
  • Education
  • Certification/ Training in Clinical Research

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