Offer Highlights


Applicable for All Eligible Candidates


Get upto 100% Cashback


Earn extra cashback on each referral

10% Cashback Offer

(refer upto 5 candidates)


You refer candidate(s) in course(s)



Referred Candidate(s) enrolls in the course(s)


You are awarded cashback on referral

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the cashback offer applicable on all courses?

Yes you can avail the offer on all courses offered by us.

2. Is it mandatory to enroll myself in a course to avail this offer?

Yes, it is mandatory to enroll yourself in a course along with the referred candidates. If you do not wish to enroll yourself, then you can join our Affiliate Program

3. How many candidate I can refer at a time?

You can refer at max 5 candidates at time.

4. How much cashback I will receive on each referral

You will receive 10% on 1st referral, 20% on second, 30% on 3rd referral and so on. You can avail up to 100% cashback.

5. If I avail this offer, am I still eligible for other offers?

You and referred candidate can club this offer with current batch offer only. All other offers cannot be clubbed with this offer.

6. When will I receive my cashback?

You will receive it in your account within 7 business days.

7. If we are 3 or more candidate can I receive cashback offer with extra 10% group discount offer?

No it won’t be applicable to you or referred candidates.

8. How to avail this offer?

You simply mail us the details of referred candidate(s) (name, email and course) on or after their enrollment in courses. On confirmation of enrollment(s) of referred, we will process your cashback request.

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