Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What all courses you offer at present?

You can view the list of our courses at


What will be the mode of learning of courses?

The mode of learning is purely online. Upon enrollment,  a Username and Password will be shared with you via email. You can login to the dashboard and start taking the course modules.


Do I need to visit anywhere to take your courses?

No, you are not required to visit anywhere to take any of our course. You can take these courses from your location. You just require a device (laptop/ desktop) with an internet connection.


I am a student at present. Can I take your courses along with my regular studies?

Yes, you can take our courses along with your regular studies as the courses are offered via online mode.


I am international participants. Can I take your courses?

Yes, our courses are online and can be taken from any country. At present, students from 100+ countries are part of our courses.


How can I enroll in a course?

To enroll in a course, visit the link HOW TO ENROLL


Can I enroll and take 2 or more courses at a time?

Yes, you can enroll. You can choose any number of courses you want to take simultaneously.


Will be there be any examination for which I have to come to appear and visit any place?

We have kept everything easy and convenient for you. Your evaluation will be online examination based. You need not to visit any place to take the exams. You need to attempt an online exam after going through the course content and submit it to us for evaluation. Our faculty will mark it based on your performance.


What will I receive after successful completion of this course?

You will receive a duly signed Certificate of Successful Completion along with a Performance Card.


What is the course duration? Can I complete the course before maximum duration?

Once you enroll in this course, a time-frame of maximum 12 weeks to read the course modules and attempt the online exam. However, a lifetime access to course content will be provided to you.


How much time I have to invest on a daily basis to complete a course?

It entirely depends on student to student but on an average one needs to invest an average of 30 minutes to 40 minutes on daily basis. The approx duration to complete a course is mentioned at respective course page.


In which language the courses would be offered?



What if I am unable to understand any topic in the course?

You can mail all your queries along with your enrollment number directly to

We will forward your query to the concerned faculty. You will get the response within 24 to 30 hrs.


From which board/ university the courses are accredited?

We are an independent academy and offer certification courses with an objective to impart required skills of that domain in a candidate. In the past 8+ years, we have trained 10k+ students from 100+ countries. Our courses are designed by industry experts based on their real-time experience.


Can I view Sample Certificate which I will receive after completion?

You can view it at SAMPLE CERTIFICATE

What is the cost of your training programs?

Different courses have different fee structure but we have tried to keep the cost very minimal and affordable to all. During our journey we have marginally increased the course fee of courses. You can find the fee structure of each course at their respective page. You can view the list of our courses at


What are the payment options available?

At present, we accept payment via online mode through PayPal.

Many times candidate may not be able to pay it through PayPal, so in that case, we accept Bank Transfer or Check.


Can I pay the fee in installments?

Yes, you can pay the course fee in upto 3 installments. To pay the fee in installment, you need to contact us at to generate a manual invoice for you.


How will I get the fee receipt?

You will get invoice of course fee via mail shortly after the payment. For online payments, you will receive automatically generated fee receipt.


I have a discount coupon code. How can I avail it?

For online payments, you need to enter and apply the discount coupon code once you add the course to your cart and click View Cart Button. You can see the procedure at HOW TO ENROLL

I have paid the fee. When will I expect to get access to study modules?

Access will be provided to you approx 12 to 24 hrs  before the date of commencement of course.


Whom to contact for queries in course topics or online exam?

You can mail us at for any queries. Our faculty will respond within 24 to 30 hrs.


How many online exams will be there to complete?

There will be a single exam per course.


What type of questions will be there in the online exam?

It may comprise of multiple sections containing various kind of questions like Multiple Choice, True False, Case Study, Subjective, Match the Following etc.


What if I have technical trouble with login or course access?

In that case, you can Contact us by email or telephonically to resolve the issue. Also, you can take help of online chat for instant resolution.


What if I forget my password?

You need to contact us via email.


What if I did not receive an activation email?

You need to contact us via email.


When do you provide us access to online exams?

Once you read the complete course modules, you need to drop a mail us at


I have attempted all the questions of online exams. How can I submit it?

You can mail it at


Is there any deadline to submit the online exam?

Yes, you will be provided with the last date of submission. The same will be shared via email along with your enrollment details.


What if I am unable to submit exam before last date of submission?

You need to provide us your reason in advance with proof for not completing the online exam by last date of submission. If our instructor finds your reason valid then an additional time period of 1 month will be provided to you to complete it but if you are unable to convey us in advance then a late fee owould be applicable of USD 25.


What if I am unable to successfully complete my online exam and complete the course?

If you are unable to complete your course successfully then we may reprocess your request to reattempt it. You can attempt the assignment once again in a time frame of 1 month and submit it to us for evaluation. An additional fee of USD25 would be applicable for reattempt.


Whom should I contact if I do not receive my course modules?

You can directly call us or mail us.


Can I attempt and submit online exam before last date of submission?

Yes, you can submit it anytime before last date of submission but it is highly recommended that you thoroughly read the course modules first before attempting the online exam.

When will I receive my result?

You will receive your result after 15 days of submission of online exam.


What is passing marks?

You need to individually score 40% in all sections of assignment to successfully complete the course.


How will I receive my certificate and Performance Card?

You will receive Certificate of Successful Completion along with Performance Card (in print ready format) via email on your registered email id with us. In order to receive it in form of hard copy, you have to drop a request and bear the applicable processing, printing and postal fee.


Whom should I contact if I do not receive my result on-time?

You can simply drop a mail at Our representative will answer you within 12 hrs.


Can I receive my result before expected date of result?

Yes, you need to submit your online exam first following by sending a request mail to provide you early evaluation and result.


Will I receive any certificate if I am unable to successful complete the course?

No. You must clear the online exam in order to get the certificate.


Is there any sample certificate I can view?
Yes, you can view sample certificate at

Have more queries? Mail us at or drop your query at contact us

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