A Starter’s Guide to Design Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) Resume

by | Aug 13, 2016

For any applicant, of any educational background, a resume works as a great marketing tool to get a dream job. But, it may not land you a job if your resume does not contain the right content in it.

For a Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) also, a resume furnishes an employer with the required information about you.

Clinical Research Coordinator Resume Objectives

Similar to the queries asked by our course participants and aspirants, you may also have few concerns related to your resume to get a job as Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) like:

  • What information I should have in my resume?
  • What should be the flow of information?
  • How should I mention in education and skills?
  • How to showcase my Clinical Research Education and skills?
  • Can you share a good example of a CRC resume?

These are few common questions for a starter who is ready to enter in clinical research industry as Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC).

Before designing your resume it is very important for you to define and understand the main objective of your resume. From your point of view, the main and the only objective of your resume is to get a job as Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC). But it is important to know what a potential employer is looking for in your resume.

You can find it simply by matching your resume content with the job requirements posted by any potential employer.

Let’s view an example of a Clinical Research Coordinator job opening.

What Information a Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) Resume must have?

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Gmail

So you can clearly make out that based on above sample job posting, your resume must address the following items:

  • Your Personal Information
  • Basic Education Qualification
  • Education in Clinical Research (Webinar, Certificate, Degree, Workshop)
  • Training or internship in Clinical Research
  • Previous Clinical Research Experience (if any)
  • Your Competencies and Skills
  • Areas of knowledge in Clinical Research
  • Key accomplishment in clinical research for experienced clinical research coordinators
  • Publications (if any)

Also, make sure that you always put legitimate information in your resume. Do not put anything illegitimate just to match the job profile. You would end up in wasting your as well as employers time.

What should be the Information flow of Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) Resume?

The flow of information should be:

  1. Your Personal Information in Header (Name, Email, Contact Number, Address)
  2. Career Objective (Fresher) / Career Summary (Experienced Clinical Research Coordinator)
  3. Areas of Expertise
  4. Previous Experience in Clinical Research with Job Responsibilities
  5. Internship/ Training
  6. Key Accomplishments in Clinical Research
  7. Education Qualification (Basic)
  8. Certifications
  9. Key Competencies and Skills

How should I mention my clinical research education and professional experience?

It is always good to have a clinical research certification/ a specialized certification in clinical research coordinator to increase your chances to get a job as CRC. Once you get a basic training, then it’s always a good idea to mention the training in your CV.

It really adds value to your CV and helps an employer to understand the level of your knowledge. Under education section, it recommended that you must highlight your academic qualification and experience of clinical research.

Your experience and/or training can be in form of a certification, degree, workshop, weekday- weekend programs, webinar etc.

Apart from this if you want to increase your chances of getting a job as CRC, it is also recommended to mention your knowledge on the topics related to clinical research, especially if you’re a starter.

Can you share Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) resume sample?

You can view the sample of a CRC resume by clicking the image below

Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) Resume Sample

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